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13 kinds of woman: which one can be your time?

13 kinds of woman: which one can be your time?

Thus I commence to query myself personally: what about the girls that guys date? Every lady is significantly diffent, it is truth be told there any common a€?girlfriend’ team that they belong to?

Soon enough, you’re feeling as if you’ve already been made use of, while that you don’t keep up to her expectations, she is going to dump you for the following a€?perfect’ guy that she’s become texting going back three months through your partnership

Listed here are my personal 13 kinds of ladies that guys date, and since i am keen on movies, per of this type we’ll talk about a motion picture dynamics.

Isla Fisher as Rebecca in a€?Confessions of a Shopaholica€?. She constantly is pleasing to the eye, but has actually a reduced standard of self-discipline, specially when she sees sale items.

Lose Fashionista is fairly self-explanatory. Here is the woman whom adore searching, clothes in elegant developers’ garments, and certainly, enjoys an excellent sense of manner. She typically wears high heel shoes to make up, and never becomes caught creating that horrible just-woken-up take a look from bed.